The star of our store is Foamiran, an innovation for the crafter.  

It is a very soft, flexible, slightly porous foam which comes in a wide range of colours.  The material is washable and much more durable than paper.  It can be coloured with pigment inks, paints, and dry pastels, amongst others, and allows the possibility of shading.   

Now also available in 0.6mm, Foamiran is a must have in flower making due to its soft and velvety finish.   When heated, (simply with the use of a home iron, heat embossing tool, or even your hair straightener), Foamiran transforms into interesting textures which make your flowers feel like silk and look very natural.  It can also be used without heat.

Its uses are endless - apart from being used for decorations for the house, flowers made of Foamiran are ever so popular with crafters for scrapbooking, cards, invitations, jewellery, bags, hats and hair accessories, corsages, wedding bouquets, wreaths etc

Since the product is non-toxic, it can also be used in crafts for children.  

Well, what more can we say……….Let your creativity run wild with Foamiran!


Important Information: Due to its delicate texture, Foamiran sheets could have slightly uneven edges, and occasional minute holes typical of foam.  This is not considered a defect and will not affect you in any way as the material is very versatile and flexible.