Foamiran Full Sheet Coral (025) - 0.6mm Sheet - 70 x 60cm

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Foamiran Coral (025) - 0.6mm Sheet - 70 x 60cm

It is a very soft, versatile, slightly porous foam.  The material is washable and can be  coloured with pigment inks, paints, and dry pastels, amongst others to obtain various shades from the same sheet. 

Now also available in 0.6mm, Foamiran is a must have in flower making due to its soft and velvety finish.   When heated, (simply with the use of a home iron, heat embossing tool, or even your hair straightener), Foamiran transforms into interesting textures which make your flowers look very natural.  It can also be used without heat.
Flamingo Craft also stocks 0.8mm and Silk foam in a large variety of colours.